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Post Surgery Knee Rehab and staying sane-ish


I am now 4 weeks and 5 days into being “toe touch weight bearing”  after my latest knee surgery.  Translated, that means I can put a little bit of weight on the toe of my operated leg as I crutch along.  I hate crutches and actually sit on a cart and push myself around with my legs when I am in the hospital. My colleagues tricked out my cart with streamers and I got a horn app for my phone that plays a fog horn, a siren or an old fashioned squeezy horn.  (Your choice!) So, I am not really able to do rehab.

But I still hate not being able to walk. I am so supposed to be able to bear weight at 6 weeks. (Nine days from now, not that I am counting.) But, I can do some stuff that is like rehab and keeps me sane as I wait to be able to bear weight.  Like:

  • Bike riding. My physical therapist, a hunky former track star/foot ball player (no ladies, I will NOT give you his phone number!) says I should “spin” (jock talk for ride a bike at low resistance) for three hours a day.  God bless him, he thinks I am a young athlete, not a middle aged mama doctor. However, I vowed that on my 12 hour shift days I will do a minimum of 20 minutes. On my other days I will try for an hour minimum.  Did 65 minutes today.
  • Lots of booty exercises. Okay, I don’t usually use booty for butt, but I couldn’t stop myself.  I do clam shells, leg lifts in all directions, seated knee extensions and prone leg extensions.
  • Any upper  body/core stuff I want. (Sigh. So much fun!!!)
  • I use my special massage roller minimum once per day, and use a lacrosse ball to get behind my knees.

For fun, I asked Mr. PT what we would do when I could bear weight.  I actually get to do a partial squat with BOTH legs.  Seriously, I am excited! It has been 11 months since I was allowed to do anything remotely similar to a squat. I am truly excited it’s only nine days away!!!

On with the countdown!


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