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Self Talk — why it is good to hear your own voices


I am back playing tennis, with a new buddy — a wrappy device that goes around my patella tendon. It helps.  I also have several old buddies that are back, those negative voices that criticize me as I play.  Seriously! I am a big duffer, but when I get out there I act like I am at the US Open about to play one of the Williams Sisters!  According to Runners World (see the July 2015 Edition, page 38) I should be talking back to my voices! Here is how to use self talk to talk to your inner weekend warrior.

Here are 5 snappy comebacks to my inner critic:

  1. “I’m nervous”  — comeback: “I am calm”.  Okay, not so snappy, but it works.
  2. “I’m tired” –comeback: “I am in good shape–or at least better than these women!” (I didn’t say I wasn’t catty!)
  3. “My knee hurts–comeback: “But at least I am out here!”
  4. “#@#$! I can’t believe I missed that #@#$ shot!”–comeback: “I got this one.”
  5. “Oh my GAWD! We are about to WIN!” –comeback: “One shot at a time.  Be here now.”

I’m playing tonight and will let you know if the voices talk back!

PS: We love you Serena! There is always next year!


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