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Ten tips to keep you fit through the holidays


Tomorrow is the official start of the Holidays.  This is a treacherous time to keep eating healthy food and work out schedules. To that end, I have searched the internet and my favorite magazines for tips to keep us fit and healthy through the indulgent days that are to come.

The first three tips are from December FitnessRX magazine (I love this magazine, even if I will NEVER look like the 20 something fitness models.}  It is full of good advice and fitness tips, these from trainer Gunnar Peterson.  He says to avoid the “triple crown” of holiday gluttony you should avoid:

  • Eating and drinking bad food or to excess
  • Sleeping too little (I need my beauty rest!)
  • Not working out.

From NerdFitness:

  • Fill your plate with veggies
  • Eat lots of turkey
  • eat the sweet potatoes, not the white potatoes.  (Sweet potatoes/yams have a lower glycemic index.)  I tell my patients to avoid eating white things…white bread, white rice, white potatoes…
  • Drink lots of water.  Notice, I did NOT say to drink lots of WINE or EGG NOG!

From WebMD: (I thought their suggestions were a bit over the top. For instance, keep track of tooth picks in the appetizers so you know how many you ate.  Puh-leaze!)

  • Limit “tasting” while you are cooking.  Full disclosure: I love to lick the bowl when making desserts and am trying to break the habit!


  • Eat slowly and chew thoroughly.  This is a great tip to be applied to life!.  Savor. Be mindful.  Talk to people rather than just eating.

Lastly, from my family to yours: My husband and I both come from super athletic families.  At Thanksgiving, the entire family goes out and plays soccer. (Don’t ask me why not foot ball.) Last year I played goalie even though I was recovering from knee surgery.  That way I didn’t have to run.  At Christmas, the entire family goes outside and plays hockey.  My sister in law floods her back yard to create an ice rink.  It is truly fantastic and memorable.  Get your family outside no matter what the weather and play ANYTHING!


Author: PookieMD

I am a board certified internal medicine physician. I love medicine and seek to bring evidence based medicine to the fitness and wellness world.

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