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Update on my partial knee replacement, and rehab/physical therapy


I had to bite the bullet and get my knee replaced (a partial knee replacement).  I did pre-hab like I talked about in an earlier post, and had some Gatorade in the morning at 7 am. (My surgery was at 4 pm.)  Surgery was okay, but recovery room was a B&#@%.  My heart rate was high, which made me anxious,which made my heart rate go up… I felt sorry for the anesthesiologist because the nurse had to call him so many times.

But I made it home that same night, which was my goal.  And was due in great part, to the nurse that got me through.

The first 10 days were not too bad.  I can’t stand narcotic pain relievers, and had weaned myself off by day ten and started on Tylenol only.  Christmas day was rough, with all the family over, and I took a nap in the middle of it all.

PT started day three, and God, how I love the PTs I go to.  They run a cash only practice, and give you a receipt to turn in to your insurance.  This is the model of a practice I want to open, but that is another post.  My PTs push me, understand when I don’t trust the newly replaced knee.  (“You have trust issues.”)  I am happy to report that 3 and half weeks later, I am walking without crutches or cane, and today for the first time, did kettle bell squats.  I still have some swelling, and if I sit too long, or if I walk to much I get stiff.

I also tried to increase my protein, and am munching on a protein bar as we speak.

I go back to work next Tuesday, exactly 4 weeks later.  I will post more on how it went.

The picture below is 2 days post op.  Lots of bruising and swelling, but much better now!

20151225_135901 (1)

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