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Inspiration Friday: When you think you just can’t do it!


We have all been there…we are tired, crabby, work sucked, the dog just barfed, our knee hurts, and so on.  We think we just are too _____ (fill in the blank) to do a work out. BUT! We are wrong!! We just need a little inspiration! Here are three great examples of people that just don’t quit!

First is an interview with Harriette Thompson on  Harriette is a 91 year old marathoner and concert pianist.  Listen, and then get your sorry butt off the couch and do your work out!

From the old to the young! Next up is Abbi North, who runs a facebook page about fitness.  She is a friend of my daughter’s, and is a sophomore at Lawrence.  She has organized her life around fitness coaching after becoming frustrated while gaining the freshman 10! Check out her honest, fun look at being a college student and helping other students become healthier.  I am going to join her fitness group and will report back.  You go girl! Also, check her out @abs.for.abs

Lastly, to tuck you in at night, read The Boys in the Boat.  You got nothin’ to complain about after you read this amazing true account of the crew team from University of Washington as they make a bid for the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.  This book will make you stop complaining and start doing the work.  Great inspiration! Love, love, love this book!



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