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Inspiration Friday #3


For this Friday’s serving of inspiration, I give you a Saudi Arabian runner — who made history by being one of two Saudi women to compete in the 2012 London Olympics.  2012 was the first time Saudi Arabia sent women to the Olympics.    Sarah Attar finished last in her heat, 30 seconds behind the winner, but that was beside the point! Next time you think it is too hot to run, check out this video, where Attar runs wearing her Hijab (headdress).

Next, a runner from my home town, Boulder. Bobby Fischer is 76 and runs with the Ric Rojas running club.  He had back surgery and is now back running strong. He competes in the 200 meter dash, and his training includes lifting weights. You go Bobby! (Credit: Dave Albo.)

For bed time reading: Becoming a Supple Leopard, by Kelly Starrett.  Starrett, who has his doctorate in physical therapy, is god among physical therapists. This is an encyclopedia of a book, and isn’t meant to be read from start to finish.  Rather use it to look up places where your body hurts, and Starrett will supply the remedy.  I include a link if you are interested in videos he puts out,

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