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Inspiration Friday: Penn Relays, Serena Burla, Book chat


Lots of inspiring things this week and it was hard to pick what I inspired me the most! Next week, I will talk about a little wellness/fitness chat group I run at work, and how much progress the members have made in the first 3 months.  Get ready to get inspired!

First up is a video of “elderly” runners doing the 100 meters at the Penn Relays. If this doesn’t make you get off the couch, nothing will! Thanks to Jim Gilbert for pointing this one out!

Next, check this link to read more about Serena Burla.  Long story short, Ms. Burla is a marathoner than developed cancer (sarcoma) in her hamstring.  The muscle involved had to be entirely removed.  The wife, mother and persistent competitor didn’t let that stop her, as she is a contender for Rio in 2016!



Lastly, you MUST read How Bad Do You Want It?by Matt Fitzgerald. This great book talks about sports motivation, and determination (“grit”).  It has real life stories (this is where I first learned about Serena Burla.)  It is not a self help book, but rather, you can apply lessons from these athletes to your own lives. Dive in, and get inspired!

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