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Inspiration Friday


Busy week, so I am late posting this week’s helping of inspiration. Trust me, I need some inspiration just like the rest of us!

First, you are never too young to be a coach, or be coached.

Next, in the “over come anything” category, I give you Dmitry Blozerchev.  He was 18 years old when he slid into a concrete post and broke his leg in FORTY ONE places.  Russian doctors were about to amputate when they realized he was a world champion gymnast.  He came back to win the 1987 world championship Men’s gymnastics all around title.  I guess this means we can rehab our own niggling injuries, right?

File:Dmitry Bilozerchev 1987.jpg

Last, from “Fitness Motivation” quote of the week:

“Happy? Go to the gym.

Sad? Go to the gym.

Angry? Go to the gym.

Lonely? Go to the gym.”

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