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Friday Inspiration: Building Bridges


This post is dedicated to Rabbi Gene Binder, who inspired me to look for ways people around me build bridges.

First up is Jim Gilbert.  Jim is a local runner/volunteer coach/parent.  I first met him when he was training with his daughter, Kelly, who runs for Gonzaga.  He walks the walk, err, runs the run, and is dedicated to fitness.  In addition to being a  Master athlete, family man, and business owner, he takes time out to help coach the Fairview High School Track team.  He makes time for what is truly important — helping others love the sport of running as much as he does.  When I asked him if I could feature him in the blog, his answer, “Yes, sure if it helps one starfish I’m in 😄”.  ‘Nuff said.  Thanks Jim for all you do!

Coach Jim Gilbert at track meet

“Coach Jim” at track meet. Photo: Lane1

Continuing in the running theme, a look back at Jesse Owens. As we all know, Owens won the gold medal at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin in the long jump (as well as other events.)  Reportedly, his German rival, Luz Long helped him with his long jump so he would make the finals.  It appears that that never happened. But what did happen was that after Owens won, Luz Long embraced him in front of Hitler. Long died fighting for German in World War II, but not before he penned a letter to Owens, saying, “”Someday find my son … tell him about how things can be between men on this Earth.”  That my friends, is building bridges!

Picture of Jesse Owens and Luz Long

Owens and Long in Berlin, 1936

Last, a video of a high school basketball game with two heroes–the player that makes that shot, and the opposing team member that gave him the ball. I loved this the first time I saw it and love it every time I see it again. Watch it and then go build a bridge!

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