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Friday Inspiration: getting out of your own way.


Inspiration needed badly here!

My daughter accused me of having no long term fitness goals.  BK (Before Knee), I always had a list of things I wanted to do, like going to the base camp of Everest, climbing Mt. Rainier, doing a sprint triathlon (even though I can hardly swim…) AK (After Knee) I have been focusing on pushing myself out of my comfort zone a little each day.  Yesterday before work, I went on a steep hike, using my trekking poles.  There was one rocky section where you had to climb down a ladder. I was negotiating my way down the rocks to the ladder (tentatively!) when a volunteer ranger about my age passed me. She stopped, and said, “May I give you a tip? You need to bend your knees more. You look very scared and anxious.” Completely humiliated and tearful at her intended kindness, I mumbled thanks, and she went on down the trail. The thing of it is, I was that ranger at one time.  I had hiked and climbed harder routes and led my trusty family and Girl Scouts on just such a trail.  I struggle to believe that I will ever be able to do these things again, or be that person again.

So this Friday’s inspiration is for me, and people like me, struggling to believe that they will ever get back to where they were, and go even further to  have the amazing adventures they always dreamed of.

The ladder and the rocky section right above it where I was stopped by the ranger

The ladder and the rocky section right above it where I was stopped by the ranger

I looked up Sister Madonna Buder , the “Iron Nun”, a nun from Washington state. She began training at the age of 48, and at 52, entered her first triathlon, and did her first Ironman at age 55.  She is the oldest is the oldest person ever to finish an Ironman Triathlon at age 82.  She is 85 years old now and still going strong!

f Madonna Bruder, the Iron Non

Madonna Bruder, the Iron Nun

Next. an 84 year old man does 18 pull ups! Yowza! A world record!! (And, he is just so darn cute!)

For bed time reading, I finished Raising the Barre: Big Dreams, False Starts, and My Midlife Quest to Dance the Nutcracker, by Lauren Kessler,  It is about Ms. Kessler’s quest to join a professional ballet company and dance in their production of the Nutcracker.  As a child, she loved ballet, but quit when she was told she had the “wrong” body type for ballet. Now “midlife” (her term), she makes good on her promise and does dance with the Eugene Ballet Company in the Nutcracker.

Lauren Kessler's book about becoming a mid life ballerina

Lauren Kessler’s book about becoming a mid life ballerina

Let me know how you get out your own way! I need the inspiration!!!

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