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Inspiration Friday: chillin’ edition


It is hot as heck here in Colorado.  I thought I would find some cool inspiration to motivate through the heatwave and get us out and working out!

First, my most favorite sports movie: Rudy.  Rudy is a runty young man who loves football.  His goal is to play for Notre Dame.  Crank the AC, get some popcorn and a cold beverage and check this out. Go rent it if you want more!

Next, a clip from a famous water polo match.  In 1956, the Hungarian Water Polo team faced off against the Russians, after the USSR had taken over Hungary. The Soviets had rolled in via tanks, and used heavy artillery to suppress the Hungarian Freedom Fighters.  The Hungarian Water Polo team had won the gold in the 1952 Olympics, and the Soviets had used their power to study the Hungarian’s tactics in the water.  By the beginning of the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, the Hungarian rebellion against the Soviets had been suppressed.  The Hungarian Water Polo team met up with the Soviets in the Olympics, and a bloody battle ensued, as the Hungarians sought vengeance for the Soviet invasion.  The match turned ugly as the Hungarians taunted the Soviets, and a Soviet player punched the Hungarian star, Ervin Zador, in the face.  He began to bleed profusely from a cut on his face.  The match was awarded to the Hungarians, who went on to win the gold.  Later, many from the Hungarian team defected to avoid crushing Soviet rule. I don’t usually like to see sport used for political purposes, but I can understand the fury of the Hungarian team.

Last up, a video that changed how the world viewed ice dance.  As a former competitive ice dancer, this team was my idol.  Not only that, this routine transcended sport, and is truly art.

Stay cool out there my friends!

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