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Inspiration Friday: fun with Facebook feed (redux)


My Facebook feed gives my great and humorous fodder for this Inspiration Friday.

For instance, if I ever need choose a physique preparation coach, I know where to go. As if I will ever need this….”Looking for the best physique coach? These are the best questions to ask a prospective coach to get the best coach for YOU!” (from  (And no, that is NOT me in the picture!)

For bed time reading, check out A Beautiful Constraint, by Adam Morgan and Mark Barden.  It is written as a business book, but applies to life as well. Basically, we can look at constraints three ways: 1) adjust our goals downwards because of the constraint, 2) find a work around to attain our goals, and 3) use the constraint to elevate our goals and achieve more than we thought possible.  The book tells us to use can/if thinking: as in “I can do X IF (fill in the blank.) This replaces “I can’t because (fill in the blank.)”  Let me know what you think.

A Beautiful Constraint, by Adam Morgan and Mark Barden

A Beautiful Constraint, 

Last, thanks to Christina Stovall for this video.  Let’s all get out their, and keep on riding!

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