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Friday inspiration: my fall most awesome list


I was walking outside in the beautiful fall weather, and it hit that there are so many awesome things out there. So here are my Most Awesome Things.  Please share your awesome things!

Most awesome shoes after knee surgery: I have worn this shoe brand for about three years, and it has made walking tolerable.  I know they look like clown shoes, but any port in a storm.

These are my Hoka "clown shoes." Love 'em

These are my Hoka “clown shoes.” Love ’em!

I have tried other brands, and nothing compares. And yup, this is what I wear to work.  I actually have a shirt to match….

Most awesome place to work out: My YMCA.  Such a great deal! And they have reciprocal arrangements with other Y’s in the area.  Check out your local Y!

Most awesome ski run: Prima at Vail.  I hope to back on my favorite run this season.  I love bumps, and can’t wait to get out there! Lots of strength work to do til then!

Map of Vail with my favorite run.

Map of Vail with my favorite run.

Most Awesome podcast: it’s a tie.  I am lapping up “Better Humanology” and also love “I’m Not You.” Better humanology takes on a variety of fitness topic from the perspective of two friends, one is Jerred Moon, a former Air Force Fighter pilot that runs a fitness business, and his friend Talon Schwalm, who is a counselor.  I’m Not You is a podcast from Olaniyi Sobomehin, a former NFL player.  He talks about sports motivation.

Most awesome movie: Hoosiers! I have watched this again and again!


Most awesome physical therapists:  RevoPhysiotherapy and Sports Performance, Today, I got to 13131620_1739875992917628_4448341150396835171_o.jpgget on a force plate.  It (briefly!) measures how much force I put on my legs when I jump, and it is hooked up to video cameras and a giant screen.  They also used a computer program to analyze what I am doing right (and wrong!)  It was awesine, and inspiring, and made me feel like a big time athlete!  Thank you Brian Briggs, Dane DeLozier and Matt Smith for always believing in me, and the constant encouragement!

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