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Friday Inspiration: We are what we think we are


We all make choices, and what choices we make have profound impact.  It all starts with the stories we tell ourselves, and these stories impact the choices we make, which in turn shapes our lives. Our stories and words should inspire us to move past what we are to what we can be.  We all are capable of so much!

Which will YOU be?

Which will YOU be?

Since it is election season, I thought I would share my favorite book of all time, Team of Rivals, about Abraham Lincoln.  Lincoln’s list of “failures” is almost longer than his list of successes.  He failed in  business, lost races for the state legislature, speaker of the state house, US congress, US senate (TWO TIMES!), vice president, and somewhere along the way had a nervous breakdown.  Of course, he went on to become one of our best and most beloved presidents!  Check out the book. It’s hefty, but so well written, I couldn’t put it down.  We all know he dies in the end (duh!) but how he deals with all the politics, persoaln tragedy and various agendas is awe inspiring. What stories do you think he told himself?

My most favorite book of all time, Team of Rivals

My most favorite book of all time, Team of Rivals

Last a video to lift you up! I love this video. We are never too old or too young to tell ourselves what we can be and become.

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