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Friday Inspiration: Giving back


My life is filled with inspirational moments. I took care of a gravely ill patient this week, who was so sweet and positive that I was filled with inspiration to do better and be better. During these moments, I cherish being a physician as every day can bring new amazing people in to my life. Please find a way you can give back this week and share it with me!

To get you started, read, listen and enjoy this weeks of “curated” (sorry, had to use that word!) inspirational pictures, sound bites and you tube videos!

I saw this ad, and loved it. Thank you Jockey for this beautiful picture!

Jockey's hunky model

Jockey’s hunky model

Next, a glowing blue side walk, powered by solar energy. Created in Olsztyn, Poland, the special  “Luminophore” particles embedded in the pathway collect energy from the sun. Makes me wanna go ride on it because it is so beautiful!

Luminescent bike path in Poland makes you want to go ride your bike.

Luminescent bike path in Poland makes you want to go ride your bike.

Last, a physician that treats rape victims in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. God bless Dr. Mukwege, who was nominated for the Nobel Prize for his work!









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