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Friday inspiration: Beautiful souls–Gino Bartali, 80 yo ice skater, and my friend Paula Rinaldi


I am finally catching up to do a Friday inspiration.  There is a lot to cheer about! The Cubs won, the Colorado Buffs won (which is even more shocking!) and the fall has been unbelievably beautiful.  To celebrate some more, I want to share some beautiful souls with you.

Paula mountain biking, probably right before she did a triathlon!

Paula mountain biking, probably right before she did a triathlon!

First is my friend, Paula Rinaldi.  Paula is my twin sister from a different mother.  She loves to bike (she is a fanatic), hike, trail run and ski “steep and deep.”  What is not to love? She will be having knee surgery and we met today to share the dirt.  Paula is so fit that even with an ailing knee,  she inspired me to go tear it up at PT today.  Thank you, Paula!




Next, watch a couple of inspiring you tube videos.  The first is about Gino Bartali, an Italian cyclist that helped smuggle Jews out of WWII Italy. Then,  an 80 yo woman that still ice skates. Close to my heart, because that was my sport in my (much) younger days.  What will YOU do this week? Much love, my fellow beautiful souls!!







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