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Friday Inspiration: adult playgrounds, tiny dancers, and Tools of Titans.


Check out some fun and inspirational pix, videos and a book recommendation to get you started on a great weekend!

I live across the street from an elementary school, and occasionally go over to swing on the monkey bars when school is out. I also used a tennis ball and a broken “chuk it” ball thrower to play a complete round of golf on the school grounds one summer afternoon with my 19 year old daughter.  (Fortunately for me, she enjoys my shenanigans.) Believe it or not, there are adult playgrounds. (I am referring to G rated ones, for pity’s sake!) How cool would it be to have one of these next door?

Playground  looks like fun for everyone!

Cool! Bring it on!







Next, a great video that shows beautifully how sports, music and dance are open to all.

Lastly, a book recommendation. I have been reading Tools of the Titans, by Tim Ferriss.  I get a little Ferrissed out as he is so ubiquitous on line, in pod cast interviews and in print media,  but none the less, enjoyed it.  I am most taken with the first section, which he devotes to fitness.  I am not thrilled with his emphasis on LSD, and other mind altering drugs, so be forewarned he goes in to the supposed beneficial uses of these drugs in a couple of sections.  He does have some theories and experiments, like underwater work outs that could be interesting. (If you do this you have got to tell me about it!!)  And I have to say, I am a big fan of sauna/cold shower/sauna/cold shower, repeat, which I started doing after reading about it.

Tools of Titans. The section on “healthy” is worth the read.

And for those who care, Superbowl weekend, I did my favorite double black at Vail–Prima (twice!).  It was my first double black in three years, thanks to the pesky knee surgeries.   It was bittersweet, as usually our daughter Tat  is with us, but now that she is a big college girl she wasn’t there.  My hubby was suitably impressed (kind of  -“I knew you could do it, duh.”)

Get out and have some fun! Life is short, so play hard!!!




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