Evidence based medical wellness for active people from a doc who walks the walk

Work with me

If you live in Colorado, and would like to work with me as a client–great! I coach clients who want to make drastic changes in their life to over come illness and disease, as well as those who desire to maximize their wellness and fitness.  I analyze your lifestyle, what you eat and drink, how much you sleep, and what kind of exercise you do (if any.)  I take a complete health history, and go one step further — I ask you what your goals are.  Then, given your specific health needs, goals, aspirations, and your input, we design a program that fits your needs. I am more than your garden variety internal medicine physician — I heartily believe that exercise and food ARE medicine!

Working with me is not for everyone. My clients need to be:

  • committed and persistent — all the plans are useless if not followed
  • honest — clients need to be able to accept where they are starting, and face their fears
  • motivated — no matter how hard I try, the motivation must come from you!

Clients who work with me may have some of the following illnesses and conditions (not all are listed):

  • High Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Heart arrhythmias
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Obesity
  • Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis
  • Gout
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Cancer
  • Or those desiring to improve their general health and reach fitness goals.

Patients also come to me before surgery, to optimize a rapid and complete recovery.

How I work: I am a board certified internal medicine physician. I work WITH your physicians as a consultant.  I believe wholeheartedly in western medicine, but also know that illnesses and the aging process need to be managed with appropriate nutrition and exercise, in addition to medications and surgery.

If you are committed, honest and motivated, let’s chat! If it is a good fit, we can set up an in- person session at your convenience — I will come to you!